Information Services

Custom Cloud Technology Solutions That Lead To Improved Outcomes/ Better Results.

Information Services

Information Technology is a term that applies to a wide range of industries. From publishing companies to advisory services to syndicated information providers, we assist an incredible array of organizations. However, despite varied goals and diverse services departments, these firms struggle with almost the same challenges. Cloud technology enables dedicated tools to overcome these issues through information accuracy, transparency, accountability, and building market share. At Terant Inc, we have worked with Information services companies of all sizes to share custom cloud technology solutions that lead to improved outcomes/better results.

How Is Cloud Technology Helping The Information Services?

Information Services are all about generating, acquiring, storing, transforming, and processing accurate information. We know that all these services require a robust IT infrastructure, the right cybersecurity protection, and much more. While we understand that access to accurate information is one of the primary concerns, ample data storage and analytical capabilities are equally essential to allow data to flow freely.

Powerful analytics ensure that you can take the data, parse it, clean it, and transform it into something your customers can use effortlessly. Cloud platforms offer cost-effective, tailored solutions while delivering the IT infrastructure you need for a particular set of services.

Accurate Information

Your success depends on the accuracy and timeliness of the information you provide to your clients. With reliable cloud technology, we ensure that you deliver information with greater precision while lessening the delivery time.

New Services

With cloud-based tools, you can create innovative services that allow you to compete within the market segment in new ways.


The cornerstone of your company’s success lies in your customers’ trust and what you are offering. Whether you are providing tax advice, legal service, or any other help, the cloud technology helps you ensure accountability and build trust in your audience.

Better Reasons To Choose Us

Apart from the two most efficient cloud technology, AWS and Azure, Metanias also provides you with a wide range of unique and specialized features for your banking and finance firm. Here are some of the key features we provide that will strengthen your firm:

  • When you hire Metanias for your firm, you can be assured that your data is 100% secure with our cloud security service.
  • Our analytics team will help you get deeper and better insights into the trend and your clients’ behavior, helping you make better and improved decisions.
  • Get powerful tools to create dynamic products for a better customer experience.
  • You will find outstanding scalability that will help you access the tools and resources whenever you want.

Metanias has years of experience with skilled and experienced experts. Get the best cloud technology solutions, consulting, and training services for your banking & finance firm with Metanias.