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Minimize Your Growth Gap From Success With Metanias

Metanias is an IT consultancy working to help you close the gap between the market’s demand and your organization’s IT drawbacks. We bring you the best engineering, expertise, optimization, consulting, and corporate training service for various industries.

Professional Services

Metanias provides the highest-quality engineering, optimization, training, and consultancy services and solutions to meet your professional cloud technology needs. Our professional-grade services are designed to suit your requirements.


Metanias is a client-driven IT consultancy that offers customized IT services according to your unique requirements. We solve your IT challenges and strategize development to help you reach your goals.

Industry-Leading Solutions

We are a team of experts with years of experience. Metanias always provides you with widely accepted industry-leading solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering scalable and agile solutions to your organization’s IT challenges.

Breadth Of Skills

Metanias provides highly certified, experienced engineers and top-level cloud developers. We serve various industries and provide you with a fully managed complete suite of end-to-end services.

Our Vision

Metanias isn’t just another IT consultancy. We work to create tangible value for our customers. We prioritize and pay attention to small details and the best quality cloud-based services to help you stand out in the industry. Our vision lies in the development of all industries and global development.

Our Mission

Metanias works for the growth of your business through exceptional IT consultancy. Our core mission is to provide customized and secure cloud services to all clients reaching us. In addition, we work to provide cloud services with agility, scalability, availability, security, and transparency.

How We Stand Apart From Other IT Consultancy?

Metanias is a global IT consultancy company holding years old experience working with different industries. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes and understand what type of IT consultancy and service a company needs. Our mission is to come up with customized solutions to meet companies’ urgent needs. In addition, we offer support to the companies to fulfill their mission-critical outcomes by giving them agility and improving their efficiency through cloud-based tools and technologies.

Metanias brings you a wide suite of services that delivers critical capabilities to your organization. Our cloud team helps you understand the difference between the almost same-appearing cloud system. We help you make the best decision while choosing the system critical to your organization. Here are the different departments we serve:

  • Engineering
  • Optimization
  • Expertise
  • Consulting
  • Training

Moreover, Metanias isn’t just limited to one industry. We have served several clients in the past and are still enhancing our work and reaching more industries. Our experts have helped industry-wide clients globally achieve critical milestones to benefit from cloud technology’s unique capabilities. Some of the industries we commonly work with are:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Consumer Product Development
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Travel & Hospitality

We work with many additional industries and deliver solutions they need based on best-of-breed technology and support the ideal platform. We are a team of experts in cloud technology and deliver solutions based on your needs, challenges, and goals. Our solutions are customized to help you achieve mission-critical objectives and provide monitoring and management, continuous compliance planning, and other solutions and services even after the initial project is concluded.

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