Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The IT structure of your company needs to be strong and completely synchronized to help it run smoothly. In today's time, you cannot forgo your IT department if you want to build a strong base, and for an effective IT department, better consulting is required. Now that every piece of data is becoming internet-based, the cloud has a huge role. From cloud adoption to migration and security, everything is important. So, Terant Inc. provides you with the best cloud consulting service, DevOps, and software advancement.

Our experts are well-versed with the threats and attacks on a company's data and know the different security measures one can take. Thus, you get expert consultancy on cyber security and vulnerability management for your organization to protect it from mishaps. Moreover, our experts give you reliable and practical quality assurance consultancy to help you imply mandatory regulations and guidelines and deliver the highest quality product to your customers.

How Will Metanias's Consulting Benefit You?

A project completion involves several steps, and you need consulting services on each step, especially when security is involved. So, whether you are starting your cloud journey or stuck somewhere middle of security and attacks on your data, you have a private, public, or hybrid cloud, and none of it is left-over by Terant. Moreover, we provide you with the best IT consulting services from the moment you have the idea of the project to the rollout, including all the security checks, DevOps, Software Development, and management to deliver the best quality product to your customers. Our consulting service is going to help you in the following part of your project:


Metanias’s follows a cloud-native approach and isn’t eager to give you a one-size fit solution. Our cloud consultants are AWS, Azure, and GCP experts with deep experience in DevOps and software development. These consultants are ready to help you with an expert consultancy to find the right cloud solution.


When you enter the world of the cloud, you enter the world of risk mitigation, which becomes much easier with cloud adoption. Metanias’s provides the best and most highly applicable cloud adoption consultation. You also get the best consultation for data security in cloud security and migration, along with complete cyber security.

Product Development

Every company’s end goal is to reach its customers effectively and gain maximum benefit from the types of consultation they have accepted. So, Metanias’s provides you with vulnerability management and QA & Testing consultation to help you deliver the highest quality product to your customers.

Types Of Consulting Metanias Provides

Metanias is a trustable company formed by experts in their industries. The teammates or, say, the consultants are all experienced and hold high expertise in specific fields. So, with the help of our experts, we provide consulting services that work round the clock in the market. Our IT consulting specializations are:

  • Cloud Adoption: We help you get the best in-house talent and maximum solutions with platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform(GCP). Our consultancy helps you improve your scalability, reliability, and stability.
  • Cloud Migration: Our work towards collaborating with your development and operations team helps you get continuous software delivery with improved transparency.
  • Cloud Security: Data has become the market’s finest and most demanded oil. So, our experts bring the best steps to help you save your data from getting breached. They provide you with the best piece of advice for your company.
  • Vulnerability Management: With Metanias’s experts, keep your network safe from known exploitations, and be assured that the network remains compliant with the regulatory policies.
  • Cyber Security: Metanias helps you keep your organization safe from unknown threats and frauds with cyber security consulting and keep yourself always updated.
  • DevOps & Software Development:Metanias‘s experts build a proper strategy for your software development team and the DevOps team to implement a better work environment in your organization.
  • QA & Testing: Don’t let even a single low-quality product reach your customers with the help of Metanias’s QA & Testing consultancy. Our consultancy services help you establish an effective QA process for your projects and improve the existing processes.

Metanias has years of experience in the DevOps consultancy. Our DevOps team is skilled and experienced with the kind of work they do. They help you get the best solutions for your organization while delivering high-quality projects to your clients. Choose Metanias for the best DevOps consultancy service.