Azure Cloud services

Azure Cloud services

Cloud services have made IT infrastructure and storage much more economical and accessible. Between the hustle and bustle of companies fighting new challenges every day, cloud technologies have emerged as one of the best solutions for companies. Microsoft Azure, also known as Windows Azure, is one of the most efficient and popular IaaS providers. It gives various benefits like ultra-fast data access speed and competitive pricing. Moreover, it provides flexibility in terms of integration with a host of third-party transfer software while seamlessly integrating with all other Microsoft apps. Terant Inc. provides access to various solutions and services according to your needs to enable your organization's growth. Our service helps you increase your ability to compete within your specific industry or niche and create a future-proof business.

How Metanias Azure Cloud Service Helps You?

Like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure offers its users many benefits while accomplishing the same goals. But, apart from the common services, Microsoft Azure Cloud Service by Terant Inc. offers you other services and tools that help your organization differently. The tools and services we offer with the Azure allow the smooth testing and deployment of even enterprise-level apps. In addition, we help you in the creation of custom mobile apps and experiences and analyze big data through Machine Learning tools. Here are some of the special offerings of Terant' Azure Cloud Services.

Required Tools

Terant, along with the Azure Cloud Services, help you access a broad range of industry-specific tools. In addition, we help you build apps of all sizes and for any purpose.

Apps In Familiar Language

Azure is a part of Microsoft, allowing us to build apps in the same language as the native Microsoft Apps. We utilize this fact and let you build apps that ensure familiarity and reduce the learning curve.


Azure in itself is one of the most secure platforms used today. This security integrated with our service helps us deliver powerful capabilities to protect your data from cyber threats.

Salient Features Terant Metanias Provides

Metanias has completed various Azure Cloud Services projects with various companies in different industries. As a result, we understand Azure’s capabilities and which company needs these services. In addition, we proudly deliver a host of mission-critical services and solutions for you to flourish efficiently.

  • While working with our Microsoft Azure service, you get the benefits of familiarizing your team with the Microsoft Environment. This is because all the Microsoft apps use the same language as the Azure app, reducing the learning curve.
  • Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services help you scale up and down according to the need and ensure you meet the demands. It also helps you be cost-efficient while improving efficiency.
  • Microsoft Azure provides the best security solutions and keeps your information safe. Metanias’s framework is shaped around government and industry regulatory requirements.
  • Metanias, with its Azure Cloud Services, offers an excellent development speed while maintaining the surety of utmost quality in finished products. Our service remains the same for a single database or a consumer-based application.

Metanias helps you get the best service and starts with an in-depth consultation about your organization. We bring you the integration of experience, expertise, and updated team members who are passionate about customizing cloud-based solutions. Contact us today to get Azure Cloud Services for your organization.